We celebrated the swim heroes of the summer

We celebrated the swim heroes of the summer


We created a campaign in order to promote Coca-Cola as sponsors of the 2016 Olympics in Rio as well as raising the issue of exercise and swimming knowledge among youths in Sweden.

The results

Sales increased with 4,2% during the campaign. Brand love increased with 9%. Page views at simmasverige.se was multiplied many times over, and the videos had a view-through rate of almost 20% making them some of the most successful Coca-Cola content in Sweden ever.

The challenge

Two campaigns in one

Coca-Cola was one of the main sponsors of the 2016 Olympics in Rio. They are also a force behind the initiative ”Simma Sverige”, a joint venture with the Swedish Swimming Association with the goal to promote swimming among young people in Sweden. We were faced with the task to solve two challenges with one campaign.

The solution

An inclusive concept

“Swim Heroes of the Summer”, a campaign celebrating both the athletes chasing medals in Rio and those who are learning to swim. Together with Swedish sports journalist Jonas Karlsson we produced films where Swedish Olympic swimmers talked about their goals but also about how their interest in swimming was raised in the first place. These films could be viewed at simmasverige.se.