A different test drive

A different test drive

Kia Sverige

We let extreme skier Oscar Wester quite literarily use the Kia Sportage as a tool to what he loves the most. Finding the ultimate skiing experience.

The results

During the campaign period 40% of the yearly sales target was reached.

The challenge

After the last generation Kia Sportage hade made a huge success and became something of a Swedish folk SUV, the expectations for the new model where huge. A further challenge was the fact that the new Sportage came with a new pricing strategy making the difference in price compared to premium competitors smaller.

The solution

In order to reach a target group that isn’t that into technical specifications and build an attraction for the car we needed to connect the Kia Sportage to an experience where the car plays the role as an enabler of an active life style. We still found it important to showcase the features of the car. But not in a traditional and boring manner.